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Welcome to First National Bullion

First National Bullion is an Independent Introducing Precious Metals Broker with programs designed to assist investors in the  purchase of precious metals for delivery, storage, or for IRA Accounts, or educate investors about the opportunity and risks associated with precious metal investing..

Our Company's Mission, is a very simple one. We work hard to source and serve as many people as we can and put them on the road to prosperity. Our company subscribes to a very old fashioned value system where the client is the cause of our business not an interruption to that business process. We treat our clients as we would like to be treated. We are always trying to raise the bar.

At First National Bullion we believe the best investment decision is an educated and well-considered one. With a new political landscape, and a dismal outlook for most asset classes there is truly no better time or place to gather information and reassess your investment strategies.

It is our dedication to provide premier service and the utmost attempt to provide the most reliable information possible, to our clients allowing them to make the best possible educated decisions, to obtain their financial goals. Opening an account with First National Bullion, will give you instant buying power, and you will be able to enter the precious metals market whenever you feel the time is right. With a simple phone call to your broker you will be able to place a purchase order or sell at your convenience, and receive immediate price confirmation.

At First National Bullion we specialize in helping investors diversify a percentage of their portfolio into hard assets such as goldsilverplatinum, and palladium with investment strategies intended to maximize returns through the purchase of  physical precious metals. Our website is designed to help educate you about precious metals and their markets. We seek to earn your business by providing timely information and unsurpassed service.

The chart below shows the potential of growth by comparing the 1980 highs and what they would be if adjusted to today's inflation. As you can see, these prices are at a small fraction of what they were in 1980 if adjusted for inflation.


1980 HIGHS








Don't wait to buy gold and silver, buy gold and silver and wait!


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